Welcome to the clan.

We make things. Sometimes simple, other times… not so much. Either way, all of the resources are here free for download whenever you like, to be edited however you like. So stay a while! You will find a whole manner of crazy, and we hope that these projects will inspire you to make something of your own. Our Facebook,Twitter and Instructable pages are all up and running, so feel free to post what you make and let us know what you would like to see next.

Things to come:

First up: A total idiot's guide to making a led cube.

Functional uses for a dysfunctional build: how to practically use a mineral tumbler.

Coming soon:

Teslacoils and electromagnetics, building a wireless transmission platform and a musical Teslacoil.

We are currently trying to figure out the ferrofluid thing: how it’s made, why it works, that sort of stuff. Look out for that recipe coming soon.

Magnetic levation: building your own desktop toy.