Another Method

Here is an honorable mention that I could not try, because of cost and a lack of materials (though mostly cost):

The photo transfer method uses a photosensitive polymer to create a protective layer over certain areas of a board. The idea is that it works similarly to developing a film: as it is exposed to light, the light in turn causes a chemical reaction, which causes it to be weaker against the developer. The developer in turn then removes the areas of polymers that need to be etched.

This was the standard for creating personal PC boards for a while, because it can consistently give an ideal result. The problem with this method is a matter of price and availability. Part of the reason that people started using the toner transfer method was because it cost less, and the result was very similar. Living in a small town means that you may not have the resources available to actually procure some of these photosensitive boards, and being a person who does not like to buy from internet vendors may make them impossible to actually obtain. Thus, the heat transfer method is my personal choice for the best method, because if you do it correctly it will never let you down.

(Check out the video by Makezine here)


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